Original spare parts and accessories from SCHOCK

The SCHOCK spare parts shop: spare parts and perfect additions for the sink

Cleaning and care products from SCHOCK

Our specially developed care products, because high-quality products need the right care

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Our specially developed care products, because high-quality products need the right care


Original spare parts and accessories from SCHOCK

Since 1979, we at SCHOCK have been manufacturing high-quality quartz composite sinks “Made in Germany”, alongside matching mixer taps. Just like our sink models, our taps are very robust and durable. But should anything need to be replaced at any time, we will of course be there for our customers with the SCHOCK spare parts shop.

For the sink: Spare parts and perfect accessories

Our SCHOCK spare parts shop is home to much more than just the right spare parts for your quartz composite sink. Our original accessories for the kitchen sink are also available here. And you will find all the right care products for our granite sinks in CRISTADUR® or CRISTALITE®, as well as good tips for the daily care and easy cleaning of your quartz composite sink.

The right accessories for a SCHOCK quartz composite sink

The only thing that can make a quartz composite sink from SCHOCK even better is our range of matching accessories. After all, the modern-day kitchen sink is not just a place to do the washing-up.

The kitchen sink as a versatile food-prep location

At your quartz composite sink, use the matching tap with its pull-out hose and spray function to rinse salad or clean fruit and vegetables or fish, then drain your produce in one of our custom-fit drip trays or place it straight into the steamer container ready for cooking. Trimming and chopping up your produce at the quartz composite sink is so easy with the matching sink accessories, such as chopping boards made of glass, bamboo or the new Fibre-Rock material. We offer different versions to go with various sink models here in our shop. Click on the sink or tap model to display the matching accessories. And when you’ve finished cooking and prepping? Cleaning up is super-quick thanks to the easy-care, easy-to-clean and robust quartz composite finish of our kitchen sinks.

Our materials: SCHOCK quartz composite sinks in CRISTALITE® and CRISTADUR®

SCHOCK CRISTALITE® is a classic and a trendsetter in one. Its solid-coloured, stone-look, slightly rough “Made in Germany” finish continues to win fans with on-trend colours and extraordinary shades. Just like our premium CRISTADUR® finish, CRISTALITE® is impact-resistant, fade-resistant, heat-resistant, food-safe, odour-free and easy to clean. Both finishes consist of 70-75% natural quartz sand, the hardest constituent of granite, and are manufactured partly by hand and exclusively in Germany to form our quartz composite sinks.

Now even better: Our premium CRISTADUR® finish

The new premium finish of our CRISTADUR® sinks now brings you even more joy for even longer. As a premium class among quartz composite sinks, CRISTADUR® not only characterized by a silky, extremely fine surface finish, intense colours and its characteristic patented texture, but also a practical dirt-repellent effect for even easier care and cleaning.

Caring for a quartz composite sink

Keeping our CRISTADUR® and CRISTALITE® kitchen sinks clean couldn’t be easier. Water and a little detergent are all you need to banish most everyday dirt and grime from either of our granite sinks with their quartz composite finishes. To get rid of stubborn or older discolouration, remove limescale deposits and soap residues or treat minor scratches or metal scuff marks, our spare parts shop has some useful care products that are perfect for the job, as well as a number of tailor-made products such as the SCHOCK dirt eraser. We also provide helpful videos and tips on how to keep a quartz composite sink looking fabulous on our Youtube channel at youtube.com/SchockSinks.

Accessories and spare parts: For everything and everyone.

Passende Armaturen zählen natürlich ebenfalls zum unverzichtbaren Bestandteil einer Quarzkomposit-Spüle. Bei SCHOCK gibt es von der Armatur mit Festauslauf über die Niederdruckarmatur oder Vorfensterarmatur bis zu semi-professionellen Küchenarmaturen mit aushängbarem Auslauf und Schlauchbrause eine Vielzahl an unterschiedlichen Küchenspülarmaturen. Und in unserem Shop finden sich vom Brauseschlauch über Dichtungsventile bis zum Bedienhebel die Original-Ersatzteile für diese Armaturen.

Perfect spare parts for the kitchen tap

Matching mixer taps are of course an indispensable element of a quartz composite sink. SCHOCK offers a wide range of different kitchen taps, from fixed spout taps to low pressure taps, to under-window taps to semi-professional taps with detachable spout and spray head. And in our shop you’ll find all the original spare parts for these mixer taps, from the hose to the sealing valves to the handle itself

Mixer taps designed for perfect coordination

Did you know? With our patented sleeve technology, some models of these kitchen taps can be perfectly matched in both colour and material to our CRISTADUR® and CRISTALITE® sinks. And decorative trim parts in solid stainless steel, chic chrome and our PVD coatings Gunmetal, Copper or White Gold are available to create a perfect design team out of your sink and mixer tap – all on offer here in the shop. The overflow, basket strainer, drain cup and control knob for the pop-up waste of our high-grade CRISTADUR® models can then be perfectly coordinated with the material and colour of the mixer tap.